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Schotte Kunststoffen B.V., at the river IJssel, Kampen Schotte Kunststoffen B.V., at the river IJssel, Kampen

Welcome to Schotte Kunststoffen & Rohrmann Kunststoff Verpackungen

"Schotte & Rohrmann shape the content"

Each type of product requires its own packaging. Whether it concerns functional jars for food, elegant bottles for cosmetics or practical containers for industrial purposes – we can provide customised packaging.

Schotte and Rohrmann have a number of experienced and very enthusiastic specialists at their disposal who are at your service. Our customer oriented and flexible mentality, combined with our ultramodern machinery, a separate cleanroom environment, an internal printing facility and flexible warehousing, have made us your perfect partner for either a standard solution, or for some customised packaging which has yet to be designed. We specialise in content sizes from 20 ml to 5 litres. However, this doesn't mean we can't produce content sizes of up to 15 litres – this certainly also forms part of the possibilities!

The strict selection of premium basic raw materials lies at the very foundation of our quality, but we also process organic raw materials in our mass production.

The recycled plastic materials have now also gone through our blow moulding machines for turnkey projects, whereby we have firmly established we are capable of efficiently using recycled plastics with good suppliers.

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